Random things no one cares about or even really notices.

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He had a really hard week at work and we’re having a baby any minute so I want to be super supportive and nice but I’m not. I just want him to sit at home and us to be up each ithers asses for a little while before Mia comes.

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I’m scared Johnny’s going to lose his job.

By taking the blame for his work crush not knowing how to do anything.

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Let me lay some truth on you.

Every third thing you say hurts my feelings.
If you didn’t lie as much as you have, I wouldn’t be such an untrusting bitch.
Every minute I’m alone I’m thinking about killing myself.
When I told you such a vulnerable thing, you should have bent over backwards to be here for me.

It isn’t immature

Its a dirty secret thing.

Sooo tired of arguing

Allldayyy evvverrryDay! I’m so stressed out I just wish I could puke all the stress out.